Raw Barnwood Materials


"Each piece of barnwood is unique...time has caused the wood to gain a set of characteristics that offer a distinctive choice for flooring. Whether siding or structural, the wood has been hardened by its own resins and gained an aged appearance that causes a beautiful thing to happen to the color and grain of the wood. We feel to reclaim and repurpose this material really makes our barnwood flooring a fitting tribute to old growth Douglas Fir and, especially, to the men who dotted the countryside with their craftsmanship over the last century...you can't find wood like this anymore!" Drew Ackerlund


The typical historic Oregon barn was built from Old Growth Douglas Fir, trees that were already ancient when they were felled in the early 1900's. The finer grain wood we uncover is a result of the slow growth and age of those trees.

As we deconstruct a barn, we spend a great deal of time grading and de-nailing materials with the aid of metal detectors. Those beams, joists, rafters and even siding materials are true dimensional lumber and generally have a very stable character to go along with their seasoned appearance.

Flooring planks are available in 4, 5, 6, & 7 inch widths, standard.* Ours is a multi-plank ¾ inch engineered flooring which is more stable than solid flooring –having less contraction as knots, cracks and nail holes are adhered to a 5-ply fir plywood. With the same sanding surface as solid flooring, our product is suitable for above and below grade installation and our flooring can be finished in any fashion to fit your design.

We aren't exaggerating when we say you can expect another 100+ years of use and enjoyment from the wood we put into our flooring! You are standing on history!

*We are capable of producing custom widths upon request.