"You can't find wood like this anymore! ... To reclaim and repurpose this material really makes our barnwood flooring a fitting tribute to old growth Douglas Fir and, especially, to the men who dotted the countryside with their craftsmanship over the last century." Drew Ackerlund

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Made in Oregon - Twice

AMERICAN BARNWOOD reclaimed flooring is the ultimate Green building material!

Our flooring is made from Old Growth Douglas Fir dimensional timbers that were sawn decades or even a century or more ago. This is wood you just can't find anymore-- old growth from the pristine forests Lewis and Clark gazed upon, trees that were several hundred years or older when they were felled in the early 1900's.

We reclaim the Old Growth Doug Fir that has outlived its previous life as a barn or warehouse here in the Pacific Northwest and repurpose it into a design worthy flooring product.
The timeless appeal of the wood directly corresponds to its age; patina's caused by weather or use, and the circle or rough sawn characteristics recorded on the wood. Nail holes and rust stain add a rustic beauty to the warm features that are captured in every plank of our reclaimed barnwood flooring.

Every plank we make is an individual design statement.

American Barnwood Flooring & Design manufactures an engineered flooring plank that you can install above or below grade with confidence. We aren't exaggerating when we say you can expect another 100+ years of use and enjoyment from the wood in our flooring.

Flooring planks are available in 4, 5, 6, & 7 inch standard face widths. Each plank is precision glued with an environmentally safe (NAUF) adhesive to meet rigid tolerances and then meticulously crafted to fit tongue and groove for ease of installation.

At American Barnwood Flooring & Design, every flooring package is a custom order and we do offer trim packages too! Imagine of the possibilities for your floor design!

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